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100% own solar energy coverage. 90% vegetable based, fully biodegradable and infinitely recyclable packaging.

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About Us

Botanichas' mission is the promotion of health based on two foundational principles, Homeostasis and Sustainability.

Homeostasis means to support, maintain and optimize normal bodily processes whereby physiological parameters function within the limits considered as normal and healthy. What a body consumes improves or worsens Homeostasis. This is achieved by leveraging the beneficial properties of substances as provided by nature. This includes, among others, botanical herbs, herbal based food supplements, essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters, natural hygiene products, nutrient dense and vitamin packed foodstuff, virgin ingredients, organic where it makes a difference, natural preservation methods, organically composed sweeteners, artisanal slow maturation techniques, the fusion of traditional recipes with the latest scientific studies and more.

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Healthy nutrition
Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a significant vitamin for human health and contributes to bones health. People can get it naturally in plant-based foods such as mushrooms that have been grown in ultraviolet light. To make this essential vitamin more available to the everyday consumer, foods such as juices and cereals are often fortified with it.